In this day and age, social media is omnipresent and has been a cultural and technological juggernaut that has completely changed the vision of our social or professional lives over some ten years or so. From a marketing standpoint, social media, while being the largest pool of potential clients and customers, may also be considered as a double-edged sword.
Inefficient or over-saturated marketing strategies may destroy a company’s reputation irreparably. On the up side, social media affords many companies to interact directly with their clients and customers.

From advertising to lead generation to conversion, businesses can be increased easily by the fold. Nowadays, companies employ social media strategists exclusively to improve and formulate a plan that encapsulates everything associated with social media marketing.
As stated above, planning a marketing strategy for social media can go both ways: less interaction or presence might result in general public and a large base of potential customers losing interest in your brand and in your product, or if you tend to post and contact people continuously or abundantly, it may result in people viewing your company as an irritating and greedy for money and recognition.
Below are some of the do’s and don’ts of this form of marketing.

Social Media Marketing
• Do have an online and active presence that is consistent with your business profiles
It is quite important to have a completed and active profile in order to have a good presence in various social media platforms across the internet. It is important to choose a name and profile design that can be easily intimated and correctly relates to the nature of your company’s purpose and mission. It is also very important to enter all the information that is required; and also a made logo or portraits that better reflects the personality and nature of your company’s public relations.

• Do make relationships and be unique and engaging with your sharing
It is of paramount importance for marketing strategists to create a strong and nurturing a good relationship with the customers while also creating other new ones as well. In order to make an effective and productive relationship, strategists should also know how often one should engage with their target audiences. Branding is directly related with one’s own content, and it should effectively bring out the uniqueness and the nature of a firm’s disposition completely.

• Don’t overshare your content and avoid spamming as much as possible
Knowing the amount and frequency of the posts made from a social media account must be correctly known. Otherwise, the number of followers and subscribers may decrease drastically. It is not right to forcefully target those audiences, who do not fall under the target audiences, just to increase numbers. Social media marketing is directly related to how your audience will perceive you, and spamming them with unnecessary requests and ads may result in the damage of your reputation.

• Don’t use incorrect grammar or Spelling mistakes
This is because it may seriously erode one’s credibility and sophistication. Using a proper form of documentation and proofreading them before posting, generally reduces the risk of such errors.

In the end, marketing with the aid of social media has been proven to be an effective strategy for increasing the traffic of any portal or website exponentially. With the majority of the human populace serving as an audience, this medium of marketing may propel any idea or innovation to the forefront of the common psyche. But, without knowing how to market yourself on a social media platform may result in the complete and utter defeat of the organization in such a competitive market.

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