How to Survive Google Panda and Google Penguin Update
Google search engine has a large challenge: how to show the search results on SERP? Originally, meta data and PageRank had a burden to place the outcomes of search queries. This could open the use of methods of "Black Hat" – not always trustworthy– in order to alter the outcomes shown, which intended that they were not always introduced the best outcomes in top roles, which are unethical methods known as "Black hat”

In order to response, Google came a few years ago with the solution named as "Panda" on February 24th, 2011. Panda up-dation had stunning changes in the algorithm that choose which web pages will be shown in the outcomes in the best place. The guarantee was that Search engines will give importance to quality sites. With this upgrade, the results were like the low quality web pages that showed up in top listing thanks to the methods outcome in 'Black hat" have dropped far back in ranking. - Thanks to Panda. After panda first updation, Google algorithm came up with a variety of strikes in form of several iterations. On April 19th 2012, google come up with last panda updation that was Panda 3.5. It was about quality of website that content should unique and quality rich content

  • Good organization.
  • Clean scode.
  • Smart Linking.

OIt’s been more than a season that we disliked Panda and then, Google come up with another name "penguin” to be disliked by Website owners. Like all other upgrade, this upgrade impacted the 3% of search listings and impacted a great number of high-ranking sites. The Google Penguin Update released on Apr 24, 2012. Penguin is an important update focused at web spam. This updating has reduced positions for those sites which are breaking the Google’s current quality recommendations.

Google penguin refers to many contributing factors:-
• Keyword stuffing would get a website in trouble • Inbound/outbound hyperlinks into a page would also decrease the website quality. • Other contributing factors are exact-match anchor text on website pages. • Similar named “exact-match” domains. • Blog spam and Low-quality content.
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Work ethic in search engine optimization and long-term work, here's how it works:

First, we work with you to map your business objectives and their audience and the questions used to find it. After selecting the best keywords (phrases under the most appropriate and least used by its competitors), will use its objectives, a list of keywords and our prediction formula, so we can maximize the impact of his campaign for best return on investment.
It is important to indicate here that both Panda and Penguin are filter systems. But they do not really penalize sites. They modify the positions of all sites depending on the material and promotion techniques applied.
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Now the question is how to recover a Site after a Panda Penalty? Here the various recommendations for your website. • First thing as I earlier discussed that about Keyword stuffing – on page web spam. Avoid using the maximum similar keywords in website content. Its decrease the quality of website. Purchase SEO packages for on page optimization to avoid the danger of penguin update. • Avoid getting the paid links for your website for ranking purpose. This is totally link farming mean Black Hat SEO • If earlier your websites have bad spammed backlinks on low quality websites, then try to remove/ withdraw them. Because this refer to negative SEO. • See the results for your website crawled pages. If only home page is crawled of your website and other inner pages are not displayed on SERP, then website is definite penalized with penguin. • Overly-optimized sites will continue to be targets, isn't realistic. It's not possible to figure out where the range between efficient on-page SEO and over-optimization, but google penguin is able to evaluate and monitor. • On future updates google will definite see for visitors flow for specific website that its users will find valuable. • Content quality is the main importance in every updation of Google algorithm. Avoid duplicate content issue. No similar content any more. These above steps are definite going to help in avoiding the danger of penguin update and your online business will not harm any more. Thanks!
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